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       ​​“Written by Aleks Merilo and directed by Rachel Black Spaulding, this two-hander is a haunting play that is wonderfully staged and features excellent acting. It is truly a distinctive piece of theatre, perfect for the intimate setting of the Upper East Side stage.”
         - Marina Kennedy, Broadway World

       “To care about both characters proportionately is a testament to Merilo, director Rachel Black Spaulding and the two exceptional actors. … Rachel Black Spaulding had many elements to fight in The Widow of Tom’s Hill. Between a dramatic two-hander, a theater in the round set up, and a line literally dividing her actors, Spaulding managed to do the unthinkable. Spaulding created a world that was stimulating and captivating. Scenic designer Miguel Urbino’s dock was visually beautiful but in the round could have caused Spaulding a giant headache, yet Spaulding figured out a way to make each character’s side much larger than it was. … Spaulding used angles to her advantage. With Aideen being the only one with height on their respective side, her moments on the upper level of the dock were deliberate.”
         - Michael Block, Theater in The Now

       “Under Rachel Black Spaulding’s direction … Captivating, alluring and powerful, The Widow of Tom’s Hill opens the mind and shines a light on human motives and expectations.”
         - Courtney Marie, Theater Scene

       “The work is well-written, the characters are shaped beautifully, and the structure is not lacking in anything. The stage of 59E59 Theaters offers a very fitting setting for the atmosphere of the play and allows the director Rachel Black Spaulding to transmit the intimate character of the writing as well as the feeling of isolation that the protagonists are experiencing.”
         - Antigone Gatani, NY Theatre Guide

     “A Tour de Force … Director Rachel Black Spaulding does a masterful job.”

         - Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

            Little Women

            Little Women

          Our Town

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